Drift development workshop, February 2023.

Set on a fictional island near a glacial ice cap, Drift is about an island community that becomes deeply affected by an unexplained glow emanating from a passing iceberg. As the iceberg settles within view of the island, five characters are drawn to the surface. Drift is about the network of environmental, socio-economic, geo-political tides that force changes into even the most remote communities. This project is about our constantly changing universe, and the mutability of the physical sites that we call home.

Performed by| Alle Mims, Angela Stevenson, Fiona Gorry-Hines, Isabelle (Bee) Rashkin, Jeremy Kaplan, Meg Hrenkevich, Phoebe Brooks, Stephanie Grace Herlihy, Rutva Satish, Storm Garner

Directed by| Liz Peterson

Produced by| Divided Attention

A development workshop was held in February 2023 at Nash Studios, Columbia University, New York.