Nine Ways To Plead With a God (2022) is about six tourists and a local climbing guide who set out to summit a historically unsurmountable Himalayan mountain believed to be the abode of several Godly presences. As their physical limits, relationships to one another, and perceptions of reality are tested with each meter they climb, they must find a way to achieve their new collective goal: survival.

Performed by | Sanskar Agarwal, Leyla Beydoun, Mazvita Chanakira, George Copeland, Isaiah Dodo-Williams, Trí Lê, Saskia Naidoo, Sabina Sethi Unni

Written by | Kanika Vaish
Direction | Liz Peterson
PSM | Sage Spitz
Producers | Kanika Vaish + Yining Cao
Lighting design | Josh Martinez-Davis
Scenic design | Josh Barilla
Costume design | Karen Boyer
Sound design | Lucky Bommireddy
Props design | Kanika Vaish

Performance dates
Lenfest Center for the Arts
July 10th-12th, 2022