CLOUDS is a livestream performance that explored broadcasting the self as a linguistic technology.  Adapted from Aritsophanes’ original play, this collectively written performance is about a woman who is put on trial for arson after her son’s university is burnt to the ground. Endebted by the institution that has alienated her son, Versa’s act of revenge is judged in a live broadcast trial. As witnesses come forward and relay their testimonies in a codified gestural language, the relationship between Versa and her son, Phedi, unravels in the public eye.

Livestream presentation
July 24th, 2021
From Schapiro Theatre

Performed by| Adebowale Adebiy, Thaleia Dasberg, Dylan Gurrera, Stephanie Jeane, Amelia Johnson Jones, Celia Krefter, Ashil Lee, Revati Mahurkar, Theo McKenna, Gabriel Neumann, Samantha Seif, Luz Lorenza Twigg, Elena Vannoni, Jay Miguel Yriberry

Created and directed by| Liz Peterson
Dramaturgy by| Siting Yang
Produced by| Connor Scully
Choreography by| Supriya Nayak
Production Stage Management by| Amanda Ricard
Text by| Dylan Gurrera, Fiona Gorry-Hines, Evie Mason, morgan mcnaught, Kanika Vaish and Siting Yang
Scenic design by| Anton Volovsek
Costume design by| Karen Boyer
Lighting design by| Ebony Burton
Video design by| MJ Johnson
Video engineering by| Andrew Freeburg
Camera operators| Connor Scully and Siting Yang