You Can’t Touch My Sister I Ate In The Womb! In the unbearable state of frustration and loneliness that comes with “becoming a woman”, Viola calls to the twin sister that she absorbed in the womb and thus Olimpia is born. Leaving Olimpia to take over her life in high school, Viola embarks on a journey to Europe where she hopes she can be mysterious and maybe even a little bit sexy somehow. As the play
splits open, both twins encounter the painful untruths of the myth of virginity and learn to
consider consent, attention, and what it means to try and consider the wants and needs of others
when you’re still trying to figure out who the hell you are.

Performed by | Myka Cue, Sydney Gerlach, Talia Hankin, Ashil Lee, Rakesh Palisetty, Jota Yriberry

Written by | Fiona Gorry-Hines
Directed by | Liz Peterson
Dramaturgy by | Dylan Gurrera
Producer | Dani Turner
Production Stage Manager | Lila Mullins
Scenic design | Yi-Hsuan (Ant) Ma
Costume design | Liv Rigdon
Lighting design | Christopher Wong
Sound design | Jacob K Robinson
Props and puppet design | Elena Vannoni
Rehearsal director | Tanasia Lewis
Intimacy Director | Cristina (Cha) Ramos
Cinematographer | Vivienne Shaw

Shows | July 17-19th, Schapiro Theatre, Columbia University, New York. 
        Livestreamed on OM5 2021.